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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions




Who will be participating in this program?


Anyone who desires to have the best medical care for their children.


How many participants will the doctor accept?


All will be accepted within the family group (see fees). The goal is to have a limited number of patients in the program and when the quota is filled the panel will be closed. This will allow for time to offer more personalized care.


How will you provide enhanced accessibility?


The typical pediatrician maintains a practice size of greater than 2,000 patients. I have reduced my new practice to fewer than 25% of that number. With a substantially smaller number of relationships to maintain, I will be available to you when you need me. For your convenience, I may be reached by phone during regular business hours or at my personal cellular number after hours.


What services will I receive for the annual fee?


 Appointments that conveniently fit your schedule, same-day or next-day appointments, appointments that are on time, 24/7 physician availability, e-mail and telephone consultations, unhurried visits, enhanced coordination to specialist, school and camp health forms, hospital guided admissions, prescription facilitation, and travel medicine services.


Will I still need health insurance?


Yes. Your health insurance will be necessary if you should need additional office visits, hospital visits, or procedures not covered by the annual fee. Additionally, you will want to maintain your insurance coverage for services outside my office, such as specialist visits, hospitalization, newborn hospital visits, lab tests, x-rays, and prescriptions.


Is the annual fee tax deductible?


If your work has a “Cafeteria Plan” for employee benefits, the Annual Fee may be reimbursable to you. There is a new type of health insurance plan combined with a savings account called a Health Savings Account (HSA).  Using a Cafeteria Plan or an HSA may allow Annual Fee expenses to be paid with pre-tax dollars. You should review these and other options with your benefits manager, tax advisor, and insurance agent.

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