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About PPC


A collaborative partnership with your child’s physician is critical to their care. My small practice allows me the time to provide highly personalized medical attention. We will be able to pursue, in greater depth, all of your child’s issues.

Navigating your way through the health care system can be challenging. I will guide you and help you make the decisions that are right for you. If it becomes necessary to refer you for consultation or testing, I will help you to carefully select specialist and procedures. I will take time to interpret the results with you. I will help you spend your time and money wisely, choosing appropriate test and treatments. With my new practice you are assured I will remain your child’s doctor for years to come. I will be there when you need me the most, looking out for your child’s best interest.




Your access to me will be quick and easy. Appointments will be made at your convenience, within 24 hours if needed. When you come in for a visit, there will be little or no waiting time before you are seen. But a visit is not always necessary; you can easily reach me by phone or e-mail for a follow up or questions. With far fewer patients, we will have ample time to address your child’s health concerns.




​Having more time means that we will work together to keep your child healthy by emphasizing wellness and preventative care. Not only will I care for your child when they are sick, but I will also provide education and counseling to help you attain and maintain their good health. We’ll look closely at your child’s risk factors such as family history and lifestyle choices, then work together to reduce those risks. Managing your child’s health proactively increases the chances of early detection should disease occur

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